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Hockey game observations


Jun 5, 2000
sorry was going to post this yesterday but got busy.

I went to the Avalanche/Canuck game sunday night and it was a great game. I took my 7 year old son and our familys friends 14 year old son. it was their first NHL game and were really excited and had a blast. howerver i made an observation at the game that i thought i would share.

one thing i dont understand is why people bring their young daughters to a hockey game. the woman to the left of me had her two girls, the lady in front of me had her girl and the guy behind me had his girl and boy. all of those kids were no older than 8, so by the middle of the second period they were bored. the boy and girl behind me started fighting with each other. the girl in front of me started bashing her mom and older sister in the head with one of those foam #1 fingers. I almost tapped the mom on the shoulder to tell her the #1 finger was blocking my view but didnt. the two to the left of me stayed calm but didnt return for the third period. I dont get it, those tickets are expensive and are full price $49.00 each (16 rows up from the glass) no kids discount. why waste a hundred bucks like that??? my son and family friends son were awesome for the whole game, they watched every second of play and were truly interested.