Hmm I wonder if this qualifies as MedMal?


Jan 20, 2001
RALEIGH, N.C. - State regulators have revoked the license of a North Carolina dentist accused of abusing female patients by injecting his semen into their mouths during dental procedures.
Six former patients said Hall squirted a foul-tasting substance from a syringe into their mouths during office visits. They say they believe it was his semen.

Technically the guy is innocent until proven guilty but I'm not sure what kind of criminal case could be filed. Anyway, for those of you hellbent on medmal "reform" . . . would you say these women deserve nothing?


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Jun 21, 2001
As far as I know it is Illegal in NC to put body fluid in or on another person without their consent. I am looking in my NC Crimes book but cannot find a specific law stating that it is, doesn?t mean it doesn?t exist, just means I am looking in the wrong part of the book.

I agree there should be reforms or guidelines to the amount of money a person can receive if they are injured by a doctor (i.e. go in to have your appendix removed, and they amputate your arms...) I feel they should receive money that is equal to the injury (if you have your arms wrongfully amputated and you were someone that used their arms to work you should receive at the very least the amount of money that you would have made working if you were not injured. In the case stated above, which I feel is criminal; if the patient civilly sues the doctor they should have some compensation. I have no idea what would be fair, but how would you feel if someone put their semen in your mouth? I DO NOT think they should get millions of dollars, but they should get something.