Hisense U8K FreeSync issue


Junior Member
Mar 12, 2024
hello everyone. Im literally at wits end with this. So my setup is as follows

MSI Delta 15 Laptop with RX 6700m

I have the TV connected via display port 1.4 and can go all the way up to 144hz etc. But The thing I dont understand is I cant seem to get the VRR to work. I have FreeSync enabled on Both TV and in the AMD Adrenaline software. Say for instance I Set my TV at 120hz and in game lets say Im getting 100-110 I can notice the chop. Even when its at 144hz. But when its 120hz with 120fps its butter smooth. Am I missing something? isnt Freesync suppose to make it butter smooth by adjusting the Hz to match your in game fps? Please Help