Hindu Justifies Mass Killings of Muslims in Reprisal Riots

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Jun 1, 2001

<< who's saying that hindus are jerks? did I ever say that? >>

Who's saying you said hindus are jerks? Did I ever say that? :D

I honestly couldn't care less about this whole deal so I'm gone. Anyhow, here's something I found:

<< The Muslim rulers built on the same Feudal Base* of the Hindu Period?

But the successful aggression of the Muslim invaders did not change the Base of the earlier pre-Muslim society. Base* defined as the land ownership system and the system of making land grants to middlemen (feudal lords) who collected taxes for the higher authority - the king (Sultans of Delhi in the context of the middle ages). The very first act of the Muslim invaders was to pillage the well endowed Hindu temples at Somnath, Thanesar, Mathura, Kannauj; and other places. By this, with one stroke, the riches concentrated in the hands of these temples through many centuries of grants from Hindu rulers, fell into the hands of the Muslim invaders from Ghazni and Ghori.

The Muslims aimed to totally destroy the Superstructure associated with the Hindu period. The term Superstructure** which the Muslims aimed at destroying included a wide spectrum of aspects of social life including Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism), language (Sanskrit and its various vernaculars), universities (like Nalanda), traditions of learning (ashramas, gurukulas), architectural symbols (temples, Chaityas, Viharas, Stupas), etc. The policy during the 700 years of Muslim occupation of India was to totally replace the superstructure of the Hindu period with a typical Muslim one.

Towards this end the Muslim invaders undertook the desecration of places of worship, destruction of universities like Nalanda, the wholesale slaughter of the monks and priests to wipe out the intellectual bedrock of the people they overran. Such tyrannical polices which the Muslim rulers folllowed since their rule was established in 1194 C.E. they left a trail of bitterness in the regions which passed under their domination. Hindu tradition survived only in remote corners of the country like in Orissa, Assam and parts of South India.

Though the new rulers built upon the same feudal economic foundations of the Hindu period, they aimed at total destruction of the super-structure as it then existed. In the early days of their reign the Muslim rulers unleashed a reign of terror the kind of which India had never experienced before in its history.

Before, the Muslims, India had been invaded by the Greeks (Yavanas), Huns (Hunas), Shakas and Kushanas, but what contrasted their invasions from that of the Muslims was that, after their initial collision with Indian society, the previous invaders were completely absorbed into the existing Indian society. Even the memory of their ever having been foreign invaders was wiped out.

But the barrack-like lifestyle of the Muslims along with an attitude of contempt for everything associated with this country was to leave a split in India's national character when a significant part of the Indian population went over to the invaders by giving up their ancestral faith and embracing Islam.



Feb 6, 2001
The Mughal rulers of India were all bloodthirsty savages, not unlike Muslims of today. The Taj Mahal was constructed by the slave labor of 20,000 Hindus. Afterwards, the Muslim ruler at the time ordered that they all have their hands chopped off "so that they could not replicate the work".

In Southern India, there are thousands of Hindu temples over 2,000 years old. In Northern India, there are barely 10. Know why? The Muslims destroyed them all. The Muslims did the same to virtually all Christian and Jewish holy sites in the Middle East.

Hindus of India must rise up, and put an end to 1,000 years of oppression by the Muslim minority. The Muslims of India still think they rule as Gods over the lowly Hindus. That's why 2,000 of them had the audacity to burn alive 58 Hindu civilians riding on train. They thought Allah would give them divine protection for carrying out what the Koran's holy will. They thought wrong, 500 Muslims were then killed in retaliation. Where's Allah now? LOL! I hope it teaches them a lesson.


Oct 14, 1999
You will find the average Indian citizen more educated than the average arab citizen. Thats a pretty broad statement, but it just goes to show the dicrepancy in ignorance between the two realities. It has nothing to do with Muslim, nor with Hindu religions. It has everything to do with force fed culture, something that extremists from the Muslim side have greatly encouraged in their infinite ignorance.

Would you not agree that alot of the bad reputation for Muslims in general lay in an extremist cult of undereducated, close-minded leadership?