High temps on a E8500

Jul 26, 2001
I just got an E8500 to go into my 680i and I think my temps are out of whack.

Before, I had an E6300 OC'd to 2.7 and it was cool as a cucumber. I've got a thermalright 120 Ultra + sythe fan and I never remember seeings temps over 40 or so at load.

Now, with the E8500 OC'd to 3.9, Realtemp is showing core temps in the upper 50's at load. Everest shows upper 60's. Bios vcore is only at 1.325, acutal at 1.28. Nothing else in the system has changed. Ambient temp is 75f, motherboard reads 33c. I was expecting core temps a lot cooler. Everything is stable, I'm just worried about running it permamently at that high of a temp.

Does this sound normal? I suppose I could try to re-seat the HSF, but that would be a major pain to pull everything out again.
Aug 25, 2001
Dont obsess over temps. Those really arent bad.
Jan 10, 2008
Those don't seem that bad actually. I just got an E8500 last week and when OC to 3.80Ghz, my temps as stated by CoreTemp immediately after running 3DMark were 77 degrees Celcius. I have the Freezer Pro 7 on the thing using Arctic Silver paste. It idles around 35 Celcius. It was hot that day so maybe that was why they got so hot.

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