High-speed electronics professionals: Why is this home-made device unstable?


Jun 24, 2001

I'm not the electronics engineer involved, but I'm following the project and hope to duplicate its eventual success.
It is an N64 cartridge emulator using RAM to store ROM data, much like the unofficial commercial products for developing N64 games and executing backup copies of N64 ROMs on an N64 (Instead of being limited by a PC emulator's incompatibilities). Commercial examples of these devices are Bung's Doctor V64, and V64jr (32MB & 64MB models), the Mr. Backup Z64, UFO's CD64 and others...All banned now in the US, leaving a home-made unit as the only option for those that do not own these. The Russian engineer that figured all this out and the website this information was originally posted on is now MIA. The documents have been mirrored, but the poor English is hard to follow and I don't know if anyone has ever successfully reproduced his efforts.
By the original design specification, it utilizes 32MB EDO SIMM memory @ 5V/40Mhz.
The original code for the Altera chip inside has been modified to support 64MB (Theoretically), but due to stability issues, we haven't been able to see if it works.
If anyone else can make another attempt @ this, and let us know where we went wrong, plz do.