Question High performance, SFF – How small can I go? DTX? Mini-DTX? Mini-ITX?

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Oct 25, 1999
Given big SSDs and excellent on-board Intel/AMD graphics, I am building a new SFF primary business computer.

CRITICAL: This computer must be able to drive three 32" displays (2560x1600 or 2560x1440).

The question is, how small can I go? (no HDD, no optical drive, and no discrete video card.)

My Minimum Requirements:
- High performance, low heat CPU (i.e. 65W TPD)
- Must be able to drive three (3) x 2560x1600 Displays
- Ideally 64GB RAM (at least 32GB)
- USB-A and USB-C & all current goodies
- etc.

Can I go DTX? Mini-DTX? Mini-ITX?

What MBs and Cases am I looking at?

Anything else I should keep in mind?


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Oct 23, 2014
Intel NUCs or Minisforum PCs, and similar sized boxes, are available. They are usually sold barebones, but you can also buy them with RAM and SSD installled. If you want to DIY, then mITX is usually the smallest widely available format. However, the choice of tiny cases are limited since most mITX cases are designed to hold a discrete graphics card.

Pretty much all iGPU can run 3 monitors, so that isn't an issue.
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