Hezbollah accuses Israel of Harri assassination.

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Lemon law

Nov 6, 2005
There has been much speculation that Hezbollah played some role in the assassination of Harri. And indictments laying out the evidence were expected at any time.

On one hand, any time a circumstantial evidence case with most of the details remaining unknowable, and that is all the prosecution has, its almost standard defense policy to bring up an alternative some other bogie man did it defense. And that Hezbollah has seeming done so in advance of any Indictment.


On the other hand, Israel has past proven involvement in assassinations on foreign soil, and Hezbollah lays out at least a more than a mere primia facia case of possible Israeli involvement in the Harri assassination.

As for me, its very early yet and the case against Syria and Hezbollah has not been laid our either, so I am trying to hep from emotionally choosing any side. But its going to have some very big world consequences if the slam dunk evidence can ever be found that either Hezbollah or Israel were the Assassins of Harri. Otherwise the issue may be never be conclusively settled with partisan fans clubbers on both sides emotionally sure they are both right in coming up with two different but mutually exclusive villains.

As it was, immediately after the assassination, Syria was universally blamed in the court of mere public opinion, with no proof ever produced. And that same court of public opinion had the immediate real world consequences of making the Syrian occupation of Lebanon untenable.
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