Here is how politics can be described via different forms of a pennrose diagram.

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
The same diagram used to depict spacetime in normality and inside and outside of different types of blackholes and other spacetime or timespace phenomenon, can interestingly be used to describe politics and politically motivated actions. Let's dive deeper into this theory.

Let's take the normal basic 2D Penrose diagram that usually represents normal spacetime, and use it in the world of politics. In a normal basic Penrose diagram, the vertical lines represent the flow of unidirectional time which would be in the upwards direction on the diagram. The horizontal or x axis represents space, where one can change their location. Hence spacetime. In a political Penrose diagram, the the vertical or y axis represents different ideologies, sources of facts and information. The horizontal or x axis represents the decisions or actions based of the upward flow of source ideology or information. In simple terms, based of what one perceives from the source of information, they can decide which direction they wish to move to in the upward direction, or they can stick with the same source while going in the upward direction. Now that is the simple form of the politic Penrose diagram.

Now lets say we were to extend the political Penrose diagram a bit further, just like how a Penrose diagram depicting the internals of a black hole is extended. You get an area of the political Penrose diagram where the decision to enter that area is a one way decision, no matter what you try to explain to that person nothing would seem to be able to shift their point of view to get out of it. This area could be considered synonymous to what could represent the views and perspectives of Trumpanzees. As stated before, this same area on a normal use Penrose diagram would represent the area inside of a blackhole.

Just like how in a blackhole area in a Penrose diagram, where time and space switch roles, thus switching from spacetime to timespace, the roles in a political Penrose diagram also switch. Here decisions are now vertically flowing upward and sources of information are now horizontal. This basically means that one no longer is in control of their decisions in this area, but the sources of the information now controls the decisions. And just like how in a blackhole, where the upward flow of space causes one to always end up at the singularity, in the political Penrose diagram, all decisions will lead to the same outcome which is the singularity. The singularity here can be though of as an event, and the best possible description of such event would be Jan 6.
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