Hercules MuseXL or Soundblaster Live 5.1?


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Jan 18, 2002
Which would you say is a better card? I mostly use it for playing games and listening to music. I have a Phillips 3-piece speaker set so I dont really need a 5.1 output. MuseXL is definetly cheaper in price but I have bought 2 Soundblaster Live 5.1's and Im not sure which would be better. I guess the only reason I would go with the Live is because I'm used to it and I dont feel like paying that much for an Audigy. Any opinions?


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Sep 18, 2001
the muse is the best $16 sound card i've seen so far. sounds great and the lack of 5.1 doesn't matter if you don't have 5.1 speakers. if you want the best performance/price card i'd get a fortissimo2, i'm useing it now and it's great. get it at newegg for $32+sh

to me the dedicated headphone jack alone was worth the extra cash.