Help....Xtasy Everything card not working in new Kt3 Ultra mobo


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Nov 18, 2000
I got this card because I wanted nvida and it's the only card with a TV tuner which is important.

This Xtasy 5564 booted up when I first put it in because I previously had a Geforce2 with the latest nvidia drivers. But after I loaded up the new drivers and software from the CD I get a black screen....the HD lite is working tho.

I went to safe mode and uninstalled everything, loaded the plain VGA driver, then loaded just the nvidia drivers from the CD and same screen....HD is working .

My KT3 Ultra is running v.5.4 bios, there is a newer 5.5 but I dont think it's gonna help (haven't tried yet) ..

Any Ideas guys?

Oh, it's got an AMP XP1800, 512 Kinsgston 2700 DDR...


pS forgot to mention that the new card is basically a Geforce2/64mb with a separate TV tuner/junction box.