Dec 17, 2000
I'm planning on a building a heavy bag stand in my garage and would like a little input. I can use either wood or square metal tubing. The bag is 140lbs and about 6 1/2 feet tall and I'd like to build a wall mounted stand. I was planning on lag bolting some 2x8's (perhaps 3) horizontally across the walls stacked on top of each other - I want as much contact with the studs as possible. I was then planning on building the frame like this:

------ <-- bang hangs from this end
| /
| / <-- frame
| /
| /
| <-- wall

* Note: I don't think the above diagram formats correctly on here so just imagine a triangle.

I was planning on building 3 of these and placing them vertically on the wall - using the 2x8's as the foundation. The 3 would be held together with cross beams - the bag handing from the center frame - with the side frames to help releave some of the strain.

My question is this - I can build this much cheaper with wood I think and I can do it myself but I'm not sure if it will be strong enough to stand the weight of the bag and hitting. I was planning on using 4x4's for the support but not sure how I'd support the different pieces of wood.

I'd like to use square metal tubing as I know it is definitely strong enough (I think I found a good place to buy this from) but I would need to employ the services of someone who knows how to weld.

Any insight or help with my project would be greatly appreciated. Maybe if you live in the OC, CA area - you can drop me a line.. I'd be willing to pay for someone who is much better at this than I am to do it!


Jan 16, 2001
Bump for your thread. Woodworking is not as easy as it looks. No innuendo intended.