Help with WIN98se installation on new machine


Junior Member
Jul 25, 2003
This one has got me!!

Have been unsuccessful with installing win98se on machine config as below - anyone got any clues.

Windows goes through the installation process, but on first attemt to run fails with the following errors:

Disk write error
unable to write to disk in drive C:

data or file may be lost (press any key to continue)

*upon pressing a key the following error appears after several minutes with IDE bus active*

Error: an I/O subsystem driver failed to load.
Either a file in the .\iosubsys subdirectory is corrupt, or the system is low on memory.

there is no obvious issue with the system - as it will run with win XP. It will boot once only into safe mode, without ant issues in device manager.

Can anyone help please!!! any suggestions welcome