hELP with temporary lock ups with Celeron 566

The Wildcard

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Oct 31, 1999
Hello, I just got a celeron 566 and an ABIT sloket and installed it onto my ABIT BX6 REV2. I set the voltage to 1.75 (hoping to overclock soon, just after a couple of tests) on the sloket itself but did not overclock the chip. So i am running at 66mhz bus at 566mhz.

Anywaz, everything worked fine until about 3 hours later and then all of a sudden my mouse wouldn't move and my computer would freeze IN SPURTS...then it would go back to normal. For example, I would just have icq, winamp open and like when I an incoming message came in, I would try to open it and then all of a sudden, my mouse AND computer like froze, then moved, then froze, then moved back to normal.

THIS also happened in Counterstrike too at randmom times. I was about to fire, then it paused, then one shell came out slowly then paused again and then it fired normally and the game ran normally for about 2 mins until it happened again.

SO, I have since then, put the voltage back down to 1.5 volts and it is still happening. Does anybody know why this could be happening?

***NOTE: When I bootup, during the VERYFIYING DMI POOL...., IT USED TO SAY "..SUCCESS" but now it doesn't and just goes on and normally boots up into window.



Aug 16, 2000
make sure your mouse is plug in tight. I had similar problem long ago and as I recall I updated from bios to drivers also upgrade OS. After I did all that it did not work so I reinstall the OS carefully and everytime I upgrade a driver I tested it again to make sure it does not happen. At the end it went away and I don't remember exactly what fixed it.