Help with REALLY ODD KN8 Motherboard Noises!


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Jul 8, 2005
I recently purchased an Abit KN8 Ultra for my 3800+. This was part of a new system build which included a 580W Raidmax PSU and Geforce 7800gt. My Ballistix crapped out so I also had to get new RAM (Gskill 2x1GB PC-4000). From day ONE this thing has randomly beeped at me. It's a three-tone beep. It appears to happen at completely random times. Most often it happens during the middle of the night when the machine is running idle. I don't think I ever heard it while running dual prime95 to test stability. I found that to be extremely odd. I thought that if I was going to get an alarm about voltage or temps it would be while running prime95 and not sitting idle during the middle of the night. BTW, this system is currently being cooled with a Zalman 7000Cu. I installed AbitEQ to check temps and the system runs low 50s with two primes running.

My first thought was that the RAIDMAX was subpar quality-wise and that the voltages might not fall in line. I replaced the RAIDMAX with a Fortron 500W blue storm. Still, I hear the three-tone beep. I'd say it happens about 3-4 times a day. At this point I'm getting really frustrated.

My second thought was to unplug the internal speaker. Fine, now I don't get any beeps when booting or a beep when AbitEQ starts. Basically, there are no alarms from the internal speaker. Low and behold, the three-tone beep still exists!!! Someone told me that a small speaker might actually be ON the motherboard. Huge pain in my ass now. Someone suggested plugging the internal speaker back in and cutting the wires. I might try that next. BTW, I have a Scythe Ninja on the way to try to bring the temps down in case that is the problem.

Now, here's the WEIRD part. Often, I remote desktop into my machine from work and am logged in all day. I can hear the three-tone beep from work!! It comes out my work machine's audio out to the external speakers. This is really weird now because at home the sound only ever comes from the case. So apparently, the sound is being transmitted through remote desktop connection. I'm really frustrated at this point.

After this build I had enough spare parts to build a second machine using an Abit IS7 and a 2.8C@3.3. I have some Geil RAM installed in it along with a 9800pro. Basically my old machine minus the Ballistix. It is being powered by the RAIDMAX. I know this machine to be stable and it primes just fine and I know all the components work. I set up a small XP home network to transfer files between my new and old machines and have them hooked up to the same monitor and using the same mouse and keyboard using a KVM switch. Last night I had the switch set up to use my P4 machine, meaning the sound output to the speakers was from the P4. At around 3 am I heard the LOUDEST 3-tone beep ever. The beep was coming from the external speakers hooked into the p4 machine. WTF!!

In summary: I get a 3-tone beep from my new machine but only by the internal speaker or the motherboard speaker when the internal one is disconnected but never from the external speakers that are connected to this machine. Any machine that is networked to this machine or remote desktopped into this machine gets a loud 3-tone beep from the external speakers. What gives?

EDIT: Forgot to add that I have all alarms turned off in the BIOS.


Jan 21, 2006
If it's doing that, then it's not hardware. Most likely would have to go to task manager, and track down everything running. End everything that is not part of the operating system and see what happens. Could be a lot of things.


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Dec 5, 2005
Try uninstalling the fan speed monitoring software that came with your motherboard, since it's probably a warning that the speed of one of your fans has dropped below the threshold. (My MSI monitoring software did this occasionally until I realized what the problem was and lowered the fan monitoring threshold).