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Help with my slow internet on a new pc build

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Nov 16, 2018
internet problem:
I have ran broadband speed checker ona number of propherals using the same wireless router that I have to eliminate router network problem.

Broadband speed test

iPad wireless
Download 23.09
Upload 8.94
Ping 184ms

Ps4 wireless
Download 22.80
Upload 8.48
Ping 196ms

Ps4 wired
Download 37.15
Upload 7.10
Ping 406ms

Smart tv wireless
Download 18.26
Upload 0.72
Ping 446ms

Pc wired
Download 1.35
Upload 0.08
Ping 1096

Pc wireless

Download 1.80
Upload 0.32
Ping 707

looking at this data tells me that the issue is with my pc and not the broadband provider.
here is my wifi pci adaptor

I have tried upgrading the driver to the latest but still I have the same problem.
I have tried using a usb wireless adaptor here it is tp-link tl-wn321g.
still I have the same slow problem.

Can any1 please help here I don't know what it is.


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Aug 25, 2001
Pc wired
Download 1.35
Upload 0.08
Ping 1096
The problem is NOT your wireless adapter, if your ping is 1096ms on a wired connection. Something else is wrong. As I said in your other thread, I suspect thermal throttling of your CPU, due to the missing fourth heatsink mount point.

Please fix the obvious physical things FIRST, and please keep your issues to a SINGLE thread. It makes it MUCH harder to troubleshoot, if we don't have the fuller picture.

Edit: And for goodness sakes, get a DECENT wifi adapter.

Like this one:

Or this one:

I've used both, they are decent, suitable for 24/7 operation (larger size doesn't overheat much like those nano-adapters do), works well with a 3x3 AC router (200-500Mbit/sec on a 5Ghz band).
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