Help with minimum FPS -> 8800GTX SLI vs GTX260


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Aug 26, 2005
Guys! I've just sold my 8800GT cards that I used in SLI and now I have my old 8800 GTX in my comp. Now I'll have to decide wether I should buy a pair for my 8800GTX (used ones are going for about $175 here where I live) or sell it and buy a GTX260. I'm thinking about only ONE 260 here and not a pair. I'm also tempted to buy a GTX280 but they are quite expensive.

Anyways, in your opinion, would a 8800GTX be able to maintain similar MIN FPS in games at 1920x1200 as a GTX260 would? I've been searching high and low for reviews comparing 8800GTX SLI and GTX260 but ofc benchers aren't interested in such comparisons. Not to mention that even if I would manage to find one it probably wouldn't say anything about MIN FPS.

HardOCP has nice reviews that sport MIN FPS readouts but, ofc, they also haven't compared these cards.

Any help here please?


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Oct 22, 1999
I can't comment on the GTX260, but I recently installed a second 8800 GTX (I paid $175 on ebay) and I play everything at 1920x1200 with 4-8 AA and gameplay rocks, smooth as silk. This includes every game in the HL Orange Box. The only game I can't play at 1920*1200 full spec is Crysis. 16x AA is the killer, but I am not sure any card at this resolution and 16X AA is up for the task. From what I have read, two 8800GTX's are still the number one setup over the most powerful single cards.

Keep in mind, to realize the full benefits of an 8800GTX SLI setup, you must be pushing >3.5ghz from your CPU, preferably a Quad. I assume you have that E8500 juiced up a bit.


Nov 11, 2004
From what I read on Tom's Hardware, in most games, at that rez, a pair of 8800GT's beat out one GTX260 so I would assume 2x8800GTX's would beat one GTX260.


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Aug 3, 2008
Look at reviews for a pair of 9800GTXs or a 9800GX2, which will both offer similar performance to a pair of 8800GTXs. But from what I've seen, a 9800GX2 in games that scale with SLI outperforms a GTX280.