Help with Matrox G200 - compatible with new mobo?


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Jan 29, 2001
Just putting together my new system with MSI KT3 Ultra2/XP1700+.

I'm going to be upgrading to an 8500le soon, but in the meantime I'm not playing games much anyhow, so I put in my old G200.

I'm getting video errors that crash Win XP. At first, I could not get into windows (just random coloured lines).

I thought it might be an issue with the VIA 4 in 1's not being installed, so I did that, and it seemed to clear up the problem, but then no. Got into Windows alright, but after a time, it would crash to a black screen filled with the random coloured lines again.

The back of the PCB opposite the heatsink seems to get very hot to the touch, even after 5 minutes of just running nothing in Windows. I was under the impression that a G200 would run cool.

This card worked fine when I use to run it in my BX board. Is there some chance that the KT333 board I am running now is pumping too much voltage or something? Ideas?