Help with dacs/ audioengine a5

Oct 5, 2014
I have a pair of Audioengine A5 and an Audio Engine S8 subwoofer that I purchased used. The Audioengine A5 is not the plus model but still sounds great. Both items were in pristine shape and works 100% perfectly after heavy testing. Anyways
I'm here because I want to achieve digital sound for these speakers. I have a Asus Crosshair V Formula Z mobo with a optical feature on the back panel.
I came across a small DAC called the FIIO or Fio at parts express for 27 dollars so far really good reviews on it and its affordable. It has two rca, coaxial/optical the only confusing part is how would I hook these up on these speakers?
On the left speaker it has two rca that connects to my subwoofer and the subwoofer also has 4 rca. Since two of the rca outputs on the sub is occupied by the speakers would the remaining 2 rca connect to the dac and from the dac connects the optical cable to my pc's optical slot?

As of now the speakers are connected using 3.5mm from the speakers to my pc. Even though it sounds great. I know it can do better
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