Help! What am I doing wrong during the install?


Oct 27, 1999
OK I just bought my Abit KT7 Raid and Duron 600...I have 2 IBM drives in raid 0. I have an adaptec 2930cu with a teac 32x scsi cdrom. I set all the settings in the bios to SCSI and have gotten the CDROM to detect and boot my Win98 disc. However during the asks for Windows 98 setup cd rom support , boot with just cd rom support and no cd rom support...when i choose any of the cd rom supports it cant find my drive thru the drivers on the win98 disc. Anyhow, I am still able to use the drive, and i have fdisk the drives into 2 partitions on my raid array and made them active. After fdisk asks to reboot...when i fails to boot the cd rom...instead it hangs at "missing operating system" error. I have built many computers, but this is my first RAID computer so I am not sure what I am doing that is wrong.
Help, I am desperate to get my system up.

BTW, I havent bought a floppy I cant do any kind of install that way..only thru cd rom rt now...(which i think shouldnt be a problem)


Aug 29, 2000

Really, i have no idea, except to ask if you've covered the obvious: set the first boot device to be the CD instead of the HD (on my KT7, it was boot ordered FD/HD/CD)....the first time through, the BIOS probably doesnt recognize the un-fdisk'ed device as a readable partition, and skips the device to the next one, the CD. After you fdisk it, its got BIOS-readable partitions, but no OS on it yet, hence the "missing operating system" error.

This probably isnt it; :frown: Someone help the man out!


Oct 24, 2000
Welp, you are dealing with a age new question of merging a scsi type IDE device with a real SCSI device. Without sitting down in front of it, I can't really help you. But I have a few recommendations

1. By a $20 IDE CD-ROM drive and put it on IDE controller 1 and boot from that.
2. Check out The unoffical KT7 faq

I haven't had a problem with my board yet, but i've ditched scsi since the bang for buck difference isn't good enough anymore.



Mar 24, 2000

I'm pretty sure that you need SCSI drivers for your CDROM. These will need to be added to the WIN98 BOOT Floppy. Another alternative since you can boot from the CD is to copy the WIN directory from the CD to you HDD and then do the install from the HDD.


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Jul 27, 2000
I had a similar issue trying to install win2k using an Abit BE6-II mobo that had a Seagate SCSI HD and Yamaha SCSI CD-burner (w/Adaptec 2940UW controller). It booted to the CD, ran the install, recognized the controller/drives and everything, and then when it restarted to continue the install from the drive, it claimed that it couldn't find the OS... After trying numerous things, I gave up and put an IDE drive in there just to get this thing installed. I think it's a similar issue in that windud considers the RAID controller a SCSI device and it feels as if there's an issue with whether the BIOS off the device is being interpreted correctly or even read.

A possible specific issue for you is that highpoint controller (which my mobo has) and whether the latest driver is avail and being installed by 98 and/or whether there's a conflict w/ a device in a PCI slot that might share an IRQ with that controller.

Just throwing out my 2 cents...