HELP! Probs with new DFI LANPARTY


Mar 1, 2000
Been installing everything tonight on a new DFI board and came to realize the manual that comes with it is HORRIBLE.

Problem #1: I have 2x512 PC3200 What slots are these supposed to go in? In bios boot it said if using 2 sticks use slots 2 and 4. If I put BOTH of my sticks in (matched) I get boot errors on RAM detect. 1 stick working fine in slot 2 right now.

Problem #2: I have a brand new MSI 6600GT PCI card. I THINK I have all the 6 different jumpers in the correct spots (default) with all of them covering the bottom pins in the sets. Correct? The 6600GT has no power connector on it but I see the DFI has 2; an HDD type and a FDD-type. Which do I use both? If I power on with the 6600Gt in the bios is and splash screen is totally unreadable, as if its not getting enough power. even with EVERYTHING unplugged. PSU a new(er) Antech SL400 400W



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Sep 9, 2001
Yeah, manual is really bad. All I can offer is to be sure to use all four power connectors. The manual shows all four. Mine wouldn't boot without the 12V near the ATX power supply connected.

I had to get my bios info from CPUZ. Evelynn Wood on crack couldn't read it from the bios screen.

Also, have to tried looking at Lots of good info.


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Feb 27, 2000
The real manual for the board is on the CD that comes with it, in PDF format. It's as thorough as any mobo manual ought to be. It says this about the 2 Molex connectors:

The HDD-type and FDD-type power connectors are additional power connectors. If you are using two graphics cards, we recommend that you plug power cables from your power supply unit into the two 5V/12V power connectors. This will provide more stability to the entire system. The system board will still work even if the additional power connectors are not connected.

Since your 6600GT has no power connector of its own, I'd put some juice to the 2 connectors on the board. If your 6600GT persists in displaying garbage it might be bad.

Try the ram in the yellow slots, #1 and #3, and see if that straightens things out. Make sure the board has a decent BIOS version on it like 310 or the new official one, 615. Obviously you'll have to straighten out the 6600GT issue before you can read much of anything on the screen, though.