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Help please! flash drive problem ..


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May 18, 2015
The Kingston Data Traveler 410 has a Secure Traveler Software, which I was using at the time with an excel file opened. I had forgot to log out of the Secure Traveler Software while being away for a period of time, which then triggered my computer to sleep. When I turned back the laptop back on, the files were frozen with the Secure Traveler Software no longer accessible although the directory could be seen via windows explorer. So I restarted the laptop with the USB still intact but the USB drive was now completely inaccessible saying it was corrupted. I tried this again on another day but it was still inaccessible.

I then used the "cmd. exe" and type in "chkdsk /X /h: USB drive letter:” function. It began to run (I forgot the message but it was doing a repair of some sort) and then finally asked whether I would like to recover to the last saved file, which I hit yes. Once that was completed, I rebooted the laptop and found that there was no visible files including the Secure Travel Application through the windows explorer. However, I did see that through the properties function 7.29MB out of 7.37MB was used space. It seems there is data but I am unable to access it. I am interested in recovering files that I saved via Secure Traveler Software.