Question Help Pick DDR4 RAM Kit for i9-12900K


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Jan 20, 2008
It's been a while since I built a new rig and a lot has changed. Need advice picking a good DDR4 RAM kit for my new i9-12900K build, which is the last component I need to pick.

I've decided to go with DDR4 since I need 64GB and a DDR5 kit is just too pricey and wouldn't justify 2-3% performance gain over the DDR4. By the time DDR5 matures it will likely be time for a new build, so DDR4 it is.

My workloads are mostly productivity, software development, code compilation with heavy multi tasking, usually have tons of chrome windows with many apps in the background, etc.

Performance is important and I plan on overclocking the CPU, and RAM (if needed).

A few things have me confused like Single Rank vs. Dual Rank, Gears, would 2 x 32GB or 4 x 16GB be better, and DDR4 4000 being the max on Alder Lake.

Also, not sure if for my workloads I should prioritize Bandwidth or Latency.

Any advice on what I should look for or actual RAM model suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Oct 2, 2004
DDR4 4000, Cas16.

There are DDR4 4000 Cas15 kits, but for 32GB they run around or over $400. If you opt to relax the latency by 1 point, it'll cut at least $100 or more from the cost of the RAM.

I recommend Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, or Team brand memory based only on my own past use and experience. The last desktop I built used Team Dark Pro DDR4-3200 Cas 14, and it was rock solid.

Here's an example from G.Skill


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Feb 9, 2022
FYI Amazon has Kingston Fury DDR5 6000 32GB kits for 350$ I'm not saying you should buy it, but it's cheaper then what's been out there for awhile. Just fyi.

For DDR4 I don't see anything better than the Team Group DDR4 4000.... 32gb kit is 135.... so 270$ for 64GB of DDR4-4000

I am not aware of any DDR4-4000 kits that are 2x32gb

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Jan 27, 2022
What's the general opinion on whether the difference will change perhaps this summer or so? I'm looking at upgrading in the medium future and perhaps ddr5 will be a bit cheaper in the next few months.
Unless there's a specific MOBO feature you're looking for that comes only in DDR5 configuration it's dumb to over spend on RAM that performs the same at 1/3-1/4 of the cost.

I wouldn't expect prices to decline at this point as there's more demand for something new that doesn't have a stockpile to placate the market.
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