Help on setting up volleyball video system


Junior Member
May 30, 2018
I need some help. My kids play volleyball and the coach asked me to help set up a video system for reviewing parts of practices. What I'm trying to do is (1) video record the entire practice and (2) allow the coach to call a player over to sideline to review hits, digs, blocks etc. with the player. So the idea would be that the coach could pause, rewind and show the player a specific segment (preferably on a medium size TV screen), with the video continuing to record as this is happening. Once the coach is done showing the player a segment, the coach could do the same with other players while the practice continues for the rest of the team.

The coach has used an iPad and Apple Airplay to mirror the iPad camera before. He wants a better camera with a wider angle so he can view the entire floor.

Currently I've got a Sony Actioncam for the video camera. I'd like to use some sort of DVR.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!