Help! Nvidia GF3 won't recognize new LCD monitor for loading WinXP


Junior Member
Jul 1, 2000
I have a Leadtek G3 Ti500 running the latest Nvidia 30.82 certified drivers. I just bought a Dell 1800FP LCD monitor, but I can't get the Nvidia driver control panel to load WinXP on my new Dell 1800FP. The Dell monitor responds by displaying the boot process and the WinXP splashscreen, but then the screen goes dark when WinXP loads. Everything worked fine with my previous Sony G400 analog monitor.

I am using the DVI input on both the monitor and the video card. I installed the Dell 1800FP digital and analog .inf files okay. and the Nvidia control panel recognizes the 1800FP as a digital monitor with appropriate resolution and refresh settings. So it seems to know the 1800FP LCD monitor is hooked up. Of course, I have to check all these settings while the Sony is hooked up because I can't run WinXP on the Dell monitor.

I found the "device selection" tab in the Nvidia control panel that is supposed to allow selection of analog or digital monitors for the purpose of loading Windows. Analog is currently checked, but the digital monitor button is grayed out, so I can't select it. I clicked on the button to "detect monitors" hoping it would recognize the Dell LCD, but it still won't let me select the digital monitor for loading WinXP. Everything is gray except the analog.

Does the video card have a jumper to enable digital?

Can anybody tell me how to fix this? To me, it seems that I can't use the Dell 1800FP until I can change this Nvidia button to use the digital monitor for loading Windows.

Thanks for any help.