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Help Needed, Newbie to HTPCs


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Oct 29, 2013
Hi All,

I am setting up my first HTPC and I have run into a real fix now. I have
 A Creative 2.1 Speaker system,
 A Panasonic TH L42E6D Led TV,
 My PC
 Windows 7,
 AMD Phenom II X3,
 6GB RAM,
 Motherboard- BioStar TA 790GX A3+
 Realtek High Definition audio on board sound card,
 ATI Radeon HD 6670 (approx. tot memory 3829MB) with HDMI
 A comparatively older Philips FWv28 - 5in1 hi-fi system (The speakers are in excellent condition but work only with the analog red and black wire combo)
 A digital set top box.

So, here is what happened,

The Panasonic guy came over and installed the TV, plugged in the set top box to the TV, audio(red and white) and the video(yellow) cables and left. The TV works perfectly well on input from the STB.

The TV plays movies from my USB quite fine, but there is very low audio even at the max volume output (100%).
This is why I wanted to set up the HTPC.

I hooked up My PC to the TV via a HDMI cable, made the TV the PC s monitor, Connected it to the HDMI port 1.

Now I can switch between the TV inputs from STB to my PC, so I have no issues with the display.

Also when connected to the STB, the TV plays the audio quite fine.

Next I connected the Creative 2.1 speaker system to the Green slot on the PC, shown in the image below, this is the port I had been using while using my PC for the past three years.

Third, I connected the Philips system to my PC, using the Black port as the AUX input (connected via a 3.5 mm jack) to the Philips system.

I open the Realtek sound manager and test the system, the Creative speakers are interconnected with the subwoofer, so when I click on the subwoofer, all the three (left right and subwoofer) play sound.
I click on the front left and the Philips Left speaker plays sound.
I click on the front right and the Philips right speaker plays sound.
I click on the center left and the creative left speaker alone plays sound.
I click on center right and the creative right speaker alone plays sound.
So far so good.
Finally I play a sound file, standard MP3 using Windows Media Player and I get no sound output from any of the speakers. I run the sound test again and the speakers respond.
My aim is simple, I want all the four speakers and the subwoofer to play sound when I play media on my PC, additionally, I’d also like to play the STB audio via the speakers but I have no idea how to do that either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance…


Nov 22, 2008
HD 6670 has audio chip so probably the audio output from WMP is going to that and not to your Realtek, try locating the sound source manager and make sure the default output is chose correctly...