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Question Help needed in acquiring hardware know-how of tech devices


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Jul 8, 2020
Hi everybody,

I am new to the forum.

This is my first post. I don't know if it is appropriate to post this querry here. My querry is about general hardware know-how.

I understand it sounds a bit wierd, but I feel that, with deligent practice and support from the knowledgeable people of this forum, I would accomplish it.

My querry is;

I want to be able to understand the working of and tinker, tweak and if possible repair, all the hardware of all the tech instruments I use at my home like, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, TV, AndroidTVbox, or even an electronic toy.

I know I am asking for too much. However, I feel all the electronic devices have most things in common like the power unit, processor, boot section, memory, I/P, O/P etc and a small portion of the hardware that are device specific, like a phone would have a call making/recieving feature, a TV would have a tuning feature, a gaming desktop would have the graphics unit, etc.

So I think majority of the technology is common and a minority of it is device specific.

So I want know which are the portions of the hardware that are responsible for which function, and what are the electronic parts involved in it. And I should be able to find which part is not working so that I could fetch that part from the market and replace it and get a device working. And further I want to be able to tweak the hardware and increase the capabilities of a device.

I don't want to invest time in rolling myself into some tech diploma course. I want to just know the basics and understand the working principle of the tchnologies involved and start tinkering with devices that have stopped working at my home and go on learning in due course.

So where do I start? Which websites are good at giving the required basic knowledge? What are the equipments that I have to buy?

I would greatly appreciate any help forwarded in this regard.

Thank you & Regards