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Help me with this in-wall set-up


Dec 27, 2007
Ok so I am finishing my extension to my house and I want to put my speakers in the walls. However, I am not a really big AV person. I just kinda like to see a really nice clean in-wall set-up. I guess I could just get a bunch of wireless speakers but I really love the in-wall installations. My issue is I want to be able to stream music and any audio to any of the zones or all the speakers at any time. So I am thinking of a DTS Play-fi setup but I am a novice to AV installations and don't know how to pull this off.

There three main rooms I want to put in some speakers. The master bedroom, the master bathroom and my man cave. I want to put a cheap 5.1 set-up in the bedroom. Put 2-3 speakers in the ceiling in the bathroom and a 7.1 set-up in the man cave.

My thoughts on solving the problem are... I am guessing to connect these speakers I need 2 receivers. 1 in the master bedroom with two zones to connect the bedroom in a 5.1 setup and the bathroom speakers to the second zone. another receiver in the man cave to connect the speakers there. The speakers in the mancave will be used for 2 entertainment zones there. A movie-watching zone facing the wall with the TV and then another around my computer which is directly opposite the TV. I also want to connect my PC for that second zone.

My questions are?

Will this work?

Will I be able to create the 2 different zones with the same speakers in the man cave?

How would we connect the computer?

would I be able to stream music to any of the zones? And from any of the zones?

Is there a better way to connect these?

any suggestions?
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