Help Me Please!!!!!!


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Jul 15, 2000

I have an IBM Aptiva w/ati 4mb onboard. I just purchased a CL voodoo banshee through the for sale forum@HWC. I can't disable the 4mb in bios, but I can select auto instead of onboard. Bios detects the card fine. But even with the drivers installed I can only get 16 colors and the video is all funked up. When I switch to the 4mb it works fine. I only have one pci slot which has always worked fine. The voodoo gets hot as hell with being on only a couple minutes...i mean like 120F burn yo hand hot. Why is it getting so hot??? And what can I do to get it to work. I am running winME if that could affect it somehow. I installed the original drivers from the disk, I also downloaded and installed newer drivers. What can I do??? Help please!!! I had to restart like 50 times in order just to install the drivers...I think it kept locking up and giving me blue screens due to the heat. Let me know if you need more info on my system. Thanks