help me give my employers execs the respect they deserve!


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Apr 2, 2001
or, more accurately, the lack of respect they deserve!

my employer, mcdata, is run by the biggest bunch of worthless yahoo's you've ever seen in your life. these morons (largely former qwest execs, to give you some idea of the quality people we've got) spent the last two years unable to decide on a new product strategy for the company. then, at the beginning of the summer, when it was clear we were doomed and cisco would soon be handing us our lunch, they went out and bought two start-ups for ~200mil. a nice cheap solution, right?!

now, today, i get an email from one of these geniuses soliciting ideas for how the company can save money. like, after they screwed around for two years and cost the company $200M, now i'm going to suggest how to save money to make up for their huge screw up? anyway, they have established an email address to which one can send solutions on how the company can save money.

here's the part where you come in. i would love to suggest that they all give themselves big fat pay cuts, cut their obscene retirement/stock benefits, and maybe fire about half the vp's we've got (we've got vp's for everything, like vp-of-cleaning-toilets, etc). even better, kick the ceo out. sadly, i'm too chicken to do it, in these difficult economic times when jobs are hard to come by. however, if someone without ties to the company were to do the same, they'd have no concerns. notice that i can accept private messages. i'll say no more.

thanks for helping me strike a blow for the little guys!


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Oct 11, 2000
tell them to stop with the tps reports. tell them your printer keeps saying pc load letter. and write a program that dumps fractions of a cent into a bank account. don't forget, you have to go and date jennifer anniston.


May 12, 2001
no paycuts, cut the perks though.....

not enough info, but hey, lay into them whover decides to help him out, i wouldn' tknow what to put

good luck!