Help me decide on DVD player (long post)


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Dec 31, 1999
I bought a Toshiba SD-1200 back around '99, then an APEX AD-1500 last year, because of the Apex's ability to convert PAL DVD's to NTSC, it's region-free, RCE-immune, and Macrovision-free hack, and it's ability to play MP3. But since lately I've seen prog. scan, mp3 DVD players for $100 or less, I want to upgrade from the SD-1200, and maybe get rid of the Apex as well, as I'd like to only have one player. But if it would require getting a much more expensive model, I'll keep the Apex. I was hoping to stay away from silver, but that may not be possible to get the other features. Also I eventually want DVD-Audio support, but if not this time, waiting until the next DVD player purchase for it is OK.

Here's what I'm looking at:

Panasonic DVD-S35K
BB (CC silver only): $79.99 + tax after $20 MIR. Amazon: $89.99 - $20 MIR (free ship) = $70 excellent playback per reviews
-Prog scan
-Good DVD+-R,R/W support per dvdhelp
-MP3 long filename support per dvdhelp (why dont specs on list this?)
-MP3 ID tag support per dvdhelp (why dont specs on list this?)
-Super high-speed scan (up to 200x)
-Position memory up to 5 discs
-4:3 shrink function with letter-box zoom and shift
-No 3:2 pulldown
-No region hack 'yet' (or macrovision)
-No PAL/NTSC conversion?

No PAL/NTSC conversion?
Will there likely be a region hack?
What is "4:3 shrink function with letter-box zoom and shift"? Does it work well?
Why no 3:2 pulldown?


Panasonic DVD-S55S (silver only)
Amazon: $115
-DVD Audio

Any other differences in this and DVD-S35?
Why are the same 4 reviews on for this model also in the reviews for the S35?


Panasonic DVD-F65
BB/CC: $130
-5 disc

Any other differences in this and DVD-S35?
Good DVDR/W support?
No MP3 ID tag?
No MP3 long filename support?
One person on dvdhelp reviews said PAL->NTSC conversion. Nothing else mentions it. Does it?
(Not enough reviews to know for sure on these features.)


Philips DVD 726 (silver only)
BB: $80, Amazon: $80
-Prog scan, 3:2 pulldown
-dvdhelp review says excellent playback
-Good DVD+-R/W support per dvdhelp reviews
-PAL/NTSC conversion
-Region free hack via remote control. Also plays RCE DVDs in region free mode.
-Plays raw MPG's on CD
-Can play JPG's and MP3's at same time.
-Disc Resume for last 5 discs played
-Doesn't support mp3 ID tag or long filenames per dvdhelp
-No hack for macrovision.

Is DVD PAL->NTSC good quality?
How likely will there be a firmware update to enable long file names?
How likely to get a macrovision hack (no big deal but the only thing it doesn't do that my Apex does)?


Philips DVD 727 (silver only)
BB: $80, Amazon $85
-4x video upsampling
-dvdhelp review says plays VCD/SVCD/Raw MPEG/MP3/WMA files off of RECORDED DVD's and CD's

What is 4x video upsampling? Is it worth the extra $5 over the 726?
Any other differences in this and the 726?


Are there any other name brand players with features like these for around the same price?
So far, looks like if I want a DVD-Audio player, I might have to also keep my Apex for region free & PAL->NTSC?

I did also looked at the LiteOn LVD-2001 and don't want it.


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Nov 15, 1999
Why don't you want the the Lite-on 2001? I think it can do everything and newegg has it for $139 shipped to your door.

I am also in the market for a new dvd player since my panasonic took a nose dive. I am thinking of the lite-on.


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Oct 12, 2001
I vote you get a cheap apex dvd player for less that $50. Region hackable, and CHEAP! :)

edit- nm, forgot to read the original post, you alredy have an apex :(


Apr 1, 2001
why go from budget player to budget player? You'd think that you'd get sick of constantly upgrading...look at some nicer players, like the Denon 4800 or the Panny RP-91 (not necessarily that high, just saying), where you could get DVD-A already, and won't have to add/exchange another player in the future. Hell, you could go for the budget Pioneer (don't remember the model) and get DVD-A AND SACD.

Just a thought, since I'll be upgrading my DVD player to a more "elite" model in the near future, and I know that I'd rather rather spend a little more now than worry about another player within the next few months.


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Dec 31, 1999
But none of those (Pana RP91, Pioneer, Denon) have PAL-> NTSC or region hacks, do they?


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Jan 16, 2002
My parents just picked up a lite-on and it plays everything, including divx, and xvids.