Help keeping exchange activesync contacts on phone while deleting exchange

Discussion in 'All Things Apple' started by jme5343, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I have an older phone that I had linked with my work exchange account. I've since left that job and the exchange doesn't work anymore, but I need to keep all the contacts.

    I synced and backed up the old phone and then restored all the data to the new one. I have all the contacts, but I also still have the old exchange info. As soon as I delete that exchange account, it deletes all the contacts.

    I have resynced and restored, but now have the same issue again. Is there a way to keep the contacts and delete the old exchange account?

    BTW, I tried turning the icloud contacts on and using that, but it still wants to delete all the contacts when I delete the old exchange account.
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    You can create a new outlook profile, use itunes to sync your contacts to outlook, then delete the exchange account from your phone and sync the phone again with itunes to restore those contacts.

    (I'm assuming you are talking about an iPhone since you brought up iCloud)
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