HELP? Hot Deal question on Dell monitors!


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Apr 3, 2002
Dell has a 10% off peripherals right now along with a stackable 5% off and free shipping. I'm looking at one of the ultra-expensive monitors for use on a new computer around November/December time frame. Does anyone know how often Dell has 20% off on peripherals or just monitors (non-Dell branded) along with free shipping? Savings would be quite a bit...(yes, I'm looking at the GDM-FW900).

Anybody that can help, appreciate the heads up!

EDIT: Well, never mind. Considering the 5% expired tonight, I went ahead and ordered it going through ebates. Price from Dell was just over $1590 on the monitor. If it lasts 5 years with no problems, I'll consider it worth it (although I'm not assembling a system to use it till November/December). I REALLY doubt my current video card can drive this beast.