Help Connecting GeForce 6200 to Sony Wega


May 16, 2001
i decided to tinker around with a spare machine i have laying around, to use as a media center pc. mce 2005 is currently installed.

I have a geforce 6600 in this old machine.. Today i stopped off and picked up a dvi to rgb rca cable, figuring it was the easiest way to connect quickly.

i have the vga connection on the video card going to a 19" LCD monitor, which looks great.. and the DVI connection going to my 27" Sony Wega (KV-27FS120) in my bedroom.

when i boot into windows.. everything looks fine on the monitor.. but its unviewable on the tv.. there is definitly a signal going over there.. but its appears to be black/grey/white and is broken with jittering vertical lines about every 4 inches.. You can make out whats on the screen enough to tell that its working, but its unusable in current state..

I have the latest geforce drivers loaded.. and it shows my LCD monitor and an Analog display (I guess this is the sony?)
Is there some sort of monitor driver that needs to be loaded?
Some specific appearance settings (resolution, refresh rate, etc..) that need to be setup?

i have attempted to play with powerstrip some.. and managed to get a little color in there, but the display is still completely garbled.


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Aug 25, 2001
The problem sounds like you are using an RGB output, and trying to drive a YPbCr input (component). They are not the same.