help cant get my webhop to work


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Dec 13, 1999
I sold my linksys router and got this smc barracade router.
Its very similar to the linksys as far as a web based configuration and port forwarding and stuff like that.

The problem is that I want to use a
redirect from

With the linksys, I pointed the webhop to
( x's were substituted for the real numbers)

then I went into the linksys setup and forwarded port 80.

on the baricade I did the same thing but it wont go to my web page that is running on 2000svr in the inetpub\wwwroot directory. Also with the linksys I could type my real ip address 24.190.xx/default.htm and get to the webpage like that.With the baricade i cant use that from within the lan, I can see it if I type not with the real ip address though 24.190.x.x./myweb/default.htm...could that be a problem?
I have firmware version R1.86