Help!! Abit kt7ar wont post


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May 1, 2002
Abit kt7ar mobo
kingston ram
winfast geforce

I have the above setup the things worked fine for over a year using a mod. psu (two elan vital fans in the psu). Well I got fed up with the noise the fans were making so took out the psu, pulled out the fans and but in 2 std psu fans. Hooked everything up hit the power switch and all I got was award boot block. So I took the fans out and put the old ones back in and still the same thing. I was like whats going on!!! Tried everything I know. Took the mobo out of the case and tried it with just the vid card, still no bootup, just award boot block. I was thinking right got a bad psu, so I took the board to work and tried it with a normal psu and this time nothing at all but a black screen. I checked the old psu and found one of the capacitors had inflated, not really blown, its top and so I went out and bought a PIV 300watt case, tried it in there and still nothing. I thought that the BIOS might've gone so cleared the cmos still nothing. Last I sent the bios in to be reprogrammed which they did, when we tried booting up still nothing happens. It seems that the power regulators before the cpu heat up a bit more than usual. Any suggestions, could it be that the cpu is not seated right? Or I killed the cpu, or the mobo. All the fans on the board startup, the lights on my vid card light up and the fans turn. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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May 2, 2001
I Assume when u say KT7AR u mean KT7A-Raid correct?

i would check out this site Pauls' FAQ

I dont think its the CPU, but anything is possible. try using the CPU in another board if you can.

Sorry i cant be of much help.

Let me know how things go