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Hell House...The method is timely. The message is timeless. hrm


May 24, 2000

How is The HELL HOUSE Outreach? Structured?
GROUPS of 10-15 people tour HELL HOUSE with a demon from the cast as their tour guide. The 7 scenes each last approximately 3 minutes.
SCENE I is a funeral scene of a teenage homosexual boy that has died of AIDS.

SCENE 2 is a riveting reenactment of an abortion.

SCENE 3 is a satanic ritual involving a human sacrifice.

SCENE 4 is a drunk driving accident where a father realizes he has just killed his own family.

SCENE 5 is a teen-suicide.

In SCENE 6 the tour experiences the agony of the sights, sounds and smells of hell as well as Satan himself declaring that all of what they have seen in HELL HOUSE is his handwork. They arc rescued out of hell by an angel that escorts them to heaven, where they finally meet Jesus and are given the opportunity to pray the prayer of salvation. Before leaving they can visit or pray further with a counselor if they so choose. It is an unforgettable 30 minutes.

any thoughts?



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Dec 16, 1999
Scene 1: Homosexuals aren't the only ones dying of aids

Scene 2: How about we have a scene where a mother is giving up a child she can't care for or maybe a baby created from a rape.

Scene 3: Lets put a reinactment of the inquisition here. Or maybe the Salem Witch trials where the "Witches" where sacrificed to appease God and pay for their "Sins".

Scene 4: Leave it the way it is.

Scene 5: Leave it the way it is. Maybe add some props that point the suicide to the teen not thinking their normal because they don't follow Christ daily in their lives and thus they think they are evil and should die.

Scene 6: a Group of councilors come in explaining to everyone how they should be responsible for their own actions and choices. This would serve the purpose of Heaven and Hell in one nifty little package.

Just my thoughts..



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Sep 12, 2000
Sounds like reading the daily newspaper or watching the local news...

I agree with anybody on a few points.

Life is just not that simple... it isn't black and white.