Head unit problem. NEED HELP PLEASE!


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Oct 15, 2004
i just replaced my 91 240sx factory deck a new sony head unit. i did my research the decided on the GT310 model. one reason that i went with it was because it has a front aux. i use my mp3 player constantly so this was a must for me.

but the problem is when ever i hook my mp3 (rio karma) player to the new head unit (via male+male 3.5mm cable) it hardly plays. what i mean is, the sound only comes out of one side of speakers, it sounds poor and when ever bass is played in the song it cuts out completely, so if i were to listen to a full song i would only hear about 5% of it.
at first i thought it was a bad cable i was using, so i got a new male+male cable and that was not the problem. so then i went back to best buy with my mp3 player and connected to the display model and it worked fine.
so then i thought i must have just bought a defected model, so i exchanged the head unit for a new one, installed the new unit, and i am STILL GETTING THE SAME PROBLEM!?!!

i really have no idea what the problem could be, cd?s and radio sound great but my mp3er messes it up for some odd reason. any ideas guys?

So nice