News "He kicked me in my balls as soon as I opened the door" - Michigan GOP Infighting


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May 11, 2002


Michigan Republicans brawl at local meeting

A Saturday meeting of Michigan's GOP state committee reportedly resulted in one person being sent to the emergency room after a brawl broke out at the host hotel.

As reported by The Detroit News, Wayne County Republican James Chapman was trying to get into the state party's meeting room at the Doherty Hotel by jiggling the door handle when Clare County Republican Party Chair Mark DeYoung opened the door from inside.

"He kicked me in my balls as soon as I opened the door," DeYoung told the outlet while being interviewed in the ER, adding that he had suffered a broken rib and intended to press charges against Chapman.

Chapman, however, said DeYoung was the one who swung first after threatening to kick Chapman's ass. DeYoung denied that, though, claiming Chapman squared up first — rushing DeYoung and slamming him into a chair.

One of the individuals involved in the fight gave Detroit News' Craig Mauger a warning for any would-be future Michigan brawlers:

"When you see me taking my glasses off, I'm ready to rock,"

Although the dust-up took place outside the actual meeting room, members inside got an eye full.

"From my clear vantage point a kerfuffle occurred outside our meeting room. We recessed for 5 minutes. It had nothing to do with the content of our meeting," said committee member Kristin Lee.

This isn't the first time, some members of the Michigan GOP got froggy — nor the first time one of them was jumped at the Doherty Hotel.

As pointed out by HuffPo on Monday, an April meeting of the Michigan Republican Party leadership in the same building also turned to party infighting. The incident resulted in significantly less ball-kicking, however, with the spat ultimately defused after one woman sloppily shoved the face of another.

I don't know what I'm more impressed with.. a GOP'er having balls or they trying to have a WWF fight by a one fingered salute, a kick in the groin and bringing a chair into the fight.


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Jun 20, 2006
Interesting new strategy after the Democrats took the supreme court, legislature and governors office in the state. Let's see how it plays out ..


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Nov 24, 1999
This always happens when the people entitled to win get told by the people they see them as inferior. “Voters that stupid don’t deserve a voice in who governs.”


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Aug 21, 2003
The meltdown of the Michigan state GOP might eclipse that of the Colorado and soon Arizona state parties. Which would be quite the feat.


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Jun 9, 2005
I think every time Elon Musk opens a door, someone should be there to kick him in the nuts. Same with DeSantis and Trump and the majority of GQP politicians today.
What happened to Elon Musk? He now stands for many things I am against political wise. Like I said, politics wise I am not on his side with many issues.