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Question HDMI Audio embedders...why are these so rare and expensive?


Feb 25, 2004
Because of one of my many ridiculous projects I wanted to put audio into a hdmi stream that contained video but no audio. There are countless cheap adapters for everything but not so for this. There seems to be a monoprice unit for ~$50 and prices go up from there, way up in some cases. I thought, well, maybe there is something complicated about demuxing and remuxing these together that makes this so expensive, although hdmi audio EXTRACTORS are pretty cheap in comparison. At this price I start to investigate other ways to get audio into the stream rather than using an adapter. When $10 adapters work like crap, I just toss them and move on. $50 ones going in the junk is about 5 times as aggravating.

But I've found there are VGA+3.5mm audio TO HDMI adapters for ~$10 all over the place. To me, this seems like an even more complicated task than just inserting the audio. It has to insert the audio and convert an analog stream into a digital one. Yet these things cost almost nothing! Is there more going on here I'm missing or it just a demand and supply kind of thing?