HD5850 Crossfire + GTS250 Win7 64bit


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Jan 29, 2007
I thought this guy's rig was worth a mention here. It is quite impressive.

Intel Xeon W3520 4.4Ghz 1.4v Bloomfield 21 x 210 4 cores 8 threads
ASUS P6T6 WS revolution X58
6GB DDR3 840mhz 7-7-7-18
2 Ati HD5850s in Crossfire (flashed to msi) 1075/1300 1.35v
1 Nvidia GTS250 740/1100/1836 stock (for Phsyx processing)

First off, he has two HD5850's in crossfire, with a huge overclock on them, stock air cooled. Theres a 48% OC on the cores, and 30% OC on the memory, running the fans at 100% and vgpu @ 1.35v each. The Xeon has a 64% OC, which 210 bclk is leaning towards the high end of i7 overclocking as well. He's using Windows 7 64-bit to use both brand video cards on a single OS, and obviously has the Physx "hack/patch" going to use Nvidia physics with ATi as the main renderer. Nvidia card has 190.62 driver and Ati cards are using the Catalyst 9.11 betas. Pretty sweet setup IMO.




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Apr 11, 2007
It'd be interesting to know if he had any custom cooling besides the fans. I can't see the gpu's taking that sort of OC without some sort of detrimental effects. That is of course unless ATI massively downclocked their cards so that when GT300 hits they can just up the clocks with the refresh and maintain competition *dreams*