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HD streaming video a little jumpy at full screen


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Sep 15, 2005
I just bought a 23" Samsung LED monitor XL2370. I'm happy with the picture so far but when I stream HD video ( most recently LOST) at full screen the motion is just a little jumpy. It's find in the standard size mode.

I have an Intel Q6600, 4GB RAM and a XFX 9600GT XXX edition with 512MB running Vista 64bit.

Is my machine lacking something to playback at 1920x1080 full screen?

Do I need a new video card? One with an HDMI output would be nice anyway. My current card plays COD4 pretty well. Just ask my son. I can't keep him off it!

If there are any hardware suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Also I may install a HD TV tuner too. Any recommendations out there from people who have them?