Having problems with D2OL....


Nov 1, 1999
I'm having a couple problems with D2OL. First off, I can never get my cache full. I've got a dial-up connection at home so I don't have the convenience of an always live connection. I need to be able to fill up my cahce so I don't have to connect every couple hours. I've got the cache set to 100, but the most I've been able to download has been 22. Is there any way to fill my cache up? The next problem seems to come when I actually run out of WU's and the system sits idol. When I finally connect and upload the WU's, my stats on their server doesn't seem to get updated, but my client reflects the uploaded WU's.........at least until I restart the client, then my stats go back to what they were before I uploaded. My last problem is the stats server itself. I just started doing D2OL this past Friday. The stats server is telling me that one of my nodes has been docked over 10 days. Plus, earlier this afternoon I checked my stats, and I had uploaded about 41 candidates from one of my nodes, I checked this evening and it's saying that I've uploaded over 500. I know that's not right. Can someone shed some light on any of this? I've been doing SETI for over 3 years and I wanted to switch a couple machine over to try something else, but if D2OL is this buggy then I may just stick to SETI. Thanks.



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Sep 28, 2001
Well this has been going on all weekend. Looks like the D2OL servers are messing up. There have been e-mails sent and messaged posted over at there forums. I would bet things will clear up by monday. Also there are about 3 other threads on this topic so you might want to look around and see if there is any other advice than wait..