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Having issues with HDMI and my Asus 7870 card.


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Dec 15, 2006
Since I got this card HDMI has given me issues. Every time I go to install any AMD driver there's a flag for an installation issue on the completion window. I check the log and the High Definition Sound driver did not install properly. But the driver is still there as normal afterwards in the Device Manager.

I have been using the HDMI port on the back of the card to my display. But I've always had issues with 12.11 running well, many times the computer would blue screen on boot or lock up in Windows at some point. 12.10 has not given me problems in the past so I just stuck with that and hoped the problem would resolve itself when 12.11 went final. Still, I would try 12.11 with each new beta release but the problem persisted and I went back to 12.10 each time. (I did the safe-mode driver sweep, proper clean install each time, it's habit.)

But last night 12.10 started acting up as well, the screen would get a thin, multi-colored static noise like strip across the top on boot up and not go into Windows. Even Safe Mode would hang up and not load. I could get into Windows once in a while but it was just a matter of moments before I hit a BSOD.

I went and purchased a DVI to HDMI adapter and plugged my display into the DVI port with it. The problems are 100% gone so far and it seems to be fixed. (Fingers crossed.) I don't really care about the sound via HDMI since I don't use the speakers in my monitor anyway.

But, occasionally I will hook this computer up to the big TV in the front room for young relatives to play games on when they visit. Getting HDMI to function properly would be nice. Sound would always work when I using HDMI even though the driver installation reported errors.

Does this sound like a faulty card? Can anybody suggest something to try that I may have overlooked?

Thanks for your help, sorry this was long.

Edit: Windows 7 64 bit.
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