Question Haven't done any PC gaming in 10 years , need some advice on graphics settings for older games

Jun 20, 2016
I recently upgraded my video card on an old system so I could play some of the older games from 2008 -2012 or newer that I've never played. Prior to the card listed below I was running a Geforce 6600. The last game I played that was somewhat playable on that system was Fallout 3.

Current system : Pentium G620 @ 2.6Ghz with an MSI Aero ITX Radeon RX 560(4GB) on a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Rev 1.0 running 4GB of ram on Windows 7. I'm using a single Samsung monitor , an S22F352FHN with the specs listed here . I'll be upgrading the ram shortly.

I've got no issues experimenting with settings using Fraps but would appreciate some general guidance on whether to enable some features or what settings to use. Please keep in mind these are for older games and despite the video card upgrade I'm still pretty far behind in terms of hardware.

The first game I installed was Tomb Raider: Underworld and wasn't disappointed with the performance but I did see some stuttering while experimenting with some settings.

From what I've learned doing some research (correct me if I'm wrong) , I should have no issues with and should be using Anisotropic filtering at 16x almost always?

Triple buffering should always be enabled , especially if using V-Sync ? Whether to use V-Sync or not appears to be a bit vague and would appear to depend on the my processing power and the game I'm using ? Back in the day without V-Sync I would regularly experience screen tearing. I believe I saw one setting to set the max framerate at 59fps rather than 60 ? Can anyone elaborate on that ?

Is there any downside to lowering my game resolution below my native resolution besides the obvious loss in quality ? Would framerates only improve if I lower the resolution or are there other factors at play when running a game at a lower resolution than the native one ? If I do lower the resolution to improve quality I assume 1600×900 would be the one to try ?

I know Anti Aliasing can cause some serious hits to framerates so don't anticipate using it often but I'll experiment with the various modes. Any suggestions are welcome if there are various settings besides the 2x and 4x and now 8x that I saw in Tomb Raider's settings.

Looking at my Radeon driver settings which are the latest downloaded from AMD's website .. There are some options I'm not too familiar with. I usually prefer to use the application settings rather than apply settings globally through the driver utility.

Here's a picture of my current settings. If you can let me know if anything should be changed there I'd appreciate it.

Any suggestions on what I should prioritize ? Highest res possible even if it means lowering texture quality ? Any thoughts on V-sync with this underpowered CPU and lack of system ram ? Thanks in advance for any input.


Jan 16, 2012
It really doesn't matter, for a system as old as yours most in game settings in games haven't mattered since the early to mid 2000's. Most AAA games are ports so the only thing you need to really do is run at the lowest resolution, downgrade texture quality and disable vsync for highest fps.

If in doubt go pickup a copy of Unreal tournament 2004 from you'll see the night and day difference in graphical settings.

Basically CPU and GPU power has slowed down a lot since the early 90's to mid 2000's where we were getting 2x the performance every 18 months or so.

Look at the following image, notice the flat cliffs in the graph around 2006 when core 2 duo was released.