Have some new-ish XCOM2 bugs shown up?


May 19, 2011
I've just started playing XCOM2 again. The last time I completed it was March 2017, when perhaps this is "new" as of whenever the most recent patch became available for download since then.

Some rather odd "apparently bugs" showed up during a mission yesterday:

1 - when selecting an enemy to shoot, the focus for the camera shot was way off; I had three enemies to choose from, and I kept having to go back to the main map view and then click on the one I thought was most likely to be the correct one to aim for. For example, the health level of an enemy that was right next to my guy was kind of greyed out (some kind of depth of field thing?) and mostly off-screen.

2 - I had a 100% chance of a shot and missed twice (ie. miss, jaw drops, reload game, miss again). An 88% chance of a slash worked.

This is just plain XCOM2, no add-ons, mods, expansion packs etc.