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Question Have 3x X370 mobos with 10x SATA ports. Invest in cases with lots of 3.5" HDD bays, and ditch 4-bay NAS collection?


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Aug 25, 2001
So, I have the opportunity to potentially move drives from three 4-bay NAS units, into Antec 302 cases that I would purchase for my X370 Fatality Professional ATX mobos, that also happen to have 10 SATA ports and 5GbE.

The Antec 302 cases have 6x 3.5" toolless (clip-on rails) HDD bays.

This would also let me use all three x16 slots on the mobo for GPUs, because the 302 has 8 expansion slots.

(And I do DC/mining.)

This would kind of be an anti-RGB build, more of a home GPU and server build. Times two, at least.


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Dec 19, 2008

Really depends on a few things I would wonder about perhaps:
  • Everything off one PSU? Lots of draw from the GPUs, but on the same unit that will be powering the HDD's.
  • More heat on all the drives next to those GPU's, compared to just in their own enclosures over the network?
  • Room for cooling on those drives? Or is this not an issue for your data?
  • Will the GPU's with air cooling be ok with a much higher ambient temp inside the case from multiple HDD's?
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