Hate WASD, not happy with arrows. Any suggestions?

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Nov 7, 2001
Wow. No, I never had that problem. No crashing of the software, ever (well maybe a few times throughout the 5-6 years I had it, but for different unrelated reasons). During this time I've used 2 different Vista and three different Windows 7 installations in total (all fresh installs) over two PC builds (Core 2 Duo, Ivy Bridge).

The only quirk I could remember related to sleep mode is that sometimes (not always) after waking up the computer, I lost the device completely and had to unplug-replug from the USB port to make it work again (the software doesn't crash and kept going). However I've always assumed that this is caused by the cheapo USB hub I am using doesn't provide enough juice to wake it up if it goes to sleep. Also, sometimes the software just randomly lost the selected profile and I had to reload them, but that's about it.

Anyway, I apologize for the mini-hijack, OP.


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Jul 10, 2006
I too hate the WASD keys. It's so non-immersive to move that way, and after a long day on the keyboard and mouse I can't take much more. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick for movement, shooting, etc. and a trackball for aiming. I find it's a lot more fun and the completely different controls from mouse and keyboard help prevent carpal tunnel problems. Be aware though that unless you are left handed or use an ambidextrous joystick in your left hand you probably won't be competitive in online shooters - although you can turn very fast.


Sep 2, 2000
I use left mouse button for moving forward, ASD is same. W is jump for me. Right mouse button is main shooting button.
When I played a ton of Quake2, I used to use right mouse button as forward and then < > as strafe left and right, spacebar as jump, M as crouch. I was pretty good so it must have worked..

Trying to get used to WASD took a long time for me after using the setup above for years.

Bill Brasky

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May 18, 2006
I use ASDF backspace.

D is forward
Backspace is back
S/F are left and right strafe.
A crouch
G jump
R reload
T Use

I like this setup because it feels extremely natural to use Q-T and Z-B. Plus it's on the home row, which I also like. The only disadvantage is that you can't strafe right and jump at the same time well. Although it wouldn't be difficult to map jump to a button on the mouse.
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