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Has your EPG lost the CBS affiliates?


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Oct 9, 1999
I noticed on my main machine Saturday night that the local affiliate for CBS was no longer listed in my EPG. I can manually add the channel (i.e. 7.1), but it has no data: no station identification, no programming.

On Sunday, I found that the CBS affiliate was also missing from my primary HTPC. I tried using channel scan this time, but again no data: no station identification, no programming. As a result, all of my series episodes to be recorded are no longer in my schedule. One of my co-workers confirmed today that his EPG also no longer lists the CBS affiliate. He also has no data when re-adding the channel manually.

The last known working date was Nov 2, when a scheduled show was recorded. So there is a three-day window where it went fubar.

It goes deeper: I checked TVGuide.com/listings (which is owned by CBS) and the station identification is called CHANHD, and programming listed was for a conservative Christian network (it listed that Joel Osteen was currently on instead of Ravens/Steelers). Today I went to cbs.com/schedule on my Mac (both Chrome and Safari), and it was empty (works with Windows desktop and mobile browsers).

I'm in email touch with somebody at tvguide who doesn't seem to understand that my problem does not begin with tvguide.com.

So I wanted to know: anybody else have their CBS affiliate removed from their EPG?


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Apr 25, 2005
I'm not sure this is related or not, but I have been unable to tune into almost all of our CBS stations through my TIVO box as well. I wonder if this is a similar programming guide issue.


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Oct 6, 2008
sorry if this is a stupid question.

what software/hardware are you talking about? i have cbs channels still listed in my setup but i gather its way different than what you are talking about.

i use schedules direct to get epg data for nextpvr running a hauppauge colossus capture card that controls my dish box.