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Discussion Has the Walking dead jumped the Zombie?

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May 4, 2000
Gave up on Walking Dead right after the first Negan-season myself.

Shame more of these shows can't figure out a way to exit gracefully like Breaking Bad. Too greedy I suppose.
I'm in the room and my wife is watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead now.

Maggie runs into Negan for the first time since she left the show, and there's some dude walking around in a metal mask trying to look like Dr. Doom. :oops:

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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May 24, 2003
At this point I'd even be happy with a Game of Thrones style exit. A pissed off chick shows up out of nowhere flying a black military helicopter and blows up everyone and everything but Rick survives and ends up killing her with a precise handgun shot on the helicopter which ends up crashing in a big ball of fire, but now everyone is dead so he has no purpose there anymore and just goes back to his old home from when the movie started and offs himself. He needs to yell CORAL first though as he pulls the trigger.


Jul 1, 2001
I gotta admit, Robert Patrick did a good job playing that evil loner character in the last episode.

Still, I really wish that they would cut it out with the filler episodes and move the story forward.


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Jul 15, 2003
its one of the rare shows that goes up and down a LOT in quality, yet somehow managed to get 10 seasons, which is insane. I guess ratings probably dont matter much to AMC. Like HBO and showtime they just do what they want. The benefit in not worrying about ratings is sometimes you get really good entertainment because they arent chasing after the lowest common denominator.

I dont like they repeat a lot of story concepts and themes and tones over and over thru the 10 year run. And season 10 just hasn't grabbed me. In fact I have skipped the two recent episodes because I just dont feel anything for the show any more.

BUT, I definitely remember the first appearance of Negan. Those images will stick with me, probably for life. That and the follow up in the next season.


Jul 1, 2001
Yeah, this show really hasn't changed much... they introduced some new cannon fodder characters in the first episode of Season 11, and had already killed most of them off by episode 3 :)


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Feb 14, 2004
Yeah, this show really hasn't changed much... they introduced some new cannon fodder characters in the first episode of Season 11, and had already killed most of them off by episode 3 :)
I'm multiple seasons behind at this point lol. I think the first 3 or so seasons were the best. I had a hard time getting into Negan & see that he's still on it. PTSD from Abraham & Glenn. Screw that guy lol.


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May 30, 2008
Deliberately not reading the thread to avoid spoilers, because I'm a couple of seasons behind (not that I'm in any hurry to catch up, but I might do one day)

But it's always been a seriously-flawed show. So many things that could have been better about it, above all in the writing. Storylines full of logic and plot holes, and characters repeatedly behaving inconsistently and doing things entirely out-of-character. Plus it went on so long the story started having to be written around the wishes of the actors, e.g. writing them out when they wanted to leave, and that got really obvious as it went on. And it,fatally, lacked any overarching story-line to give it long-term interest. In that respect the series itself was always the walking dead.

But it did have a couple of things going for it that kept me watching for a long time despite all the stupid stuff. Mainly the excellent effects and make-up work, and the fact that the quality of the acting was (for most of the cast) so much better than the weak writing deserved. The cast (with a few exceptions) managed to "sell" even the really poorly-written bits. And it did seem to have at least a semblence of a serious 'theme' (seemed like it kept coming back to the one topic of "how to balance the need to do whatever you have to to survive with the need to hang on to enough of your humanity to give surviving any point")

In a weird way it dimly reminded me of watching Space 1999 in my childhood. That also had really awful writing, but by-the-standards-of-TV-of-the-time excellent minatures/effects and sets, and good actors who took it way more seriously than it deserved.
Feb 4, 2009
I just felt it was the same thing over and over. Fun at first but became tired after season three or so, sort of forgot exactly when I stopped watching regularly. There was a casual watching period too.


Oct 20, 2003
This is the last season, thankfully. I'm not sure how much longer the spinoff shows are going to last, though.

I gave up right after the season that started with Negan and the spikey baseball bat busting Glenn's grape. (not even sure what number that was)

IMO the shark had already been jumped by that point. :confused: